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Fun, Effective and Proven!
Our Goal here at T.H.O.M.A.S.'s Custom K-9 is for you to have the same kind of relationship with your dog that we have with ours!
With over 25+ years of training experience, our Certified Dog Trainer has done just about every training technique around. Having this kind of experience has helped us build training programs that are fun and positive for both you and your dog. As well as Effective and Proven!

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our Pet Parents. Always available for questions and concerns during your training journey with your dog!

What we do

Positive Training Techniques that keep you and your dog focused and successful!
Focused on YOUR needs!

No matter the program you desire we will fully customize the training program to YOUR needs.

You and your dog's needs are unique. No one's situation is ever the same. And this is why we stand apart from most trainers. We are as committed to you as you are to your dog. While we have a great curriculum outline for all of our Training Programs, we can and will adapt to your needs. Whether you are dealing with behavior problems at home, a over reactive dog in public, or a dog suffering from separation anxiety while you are gone at work. We can help!
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  1. Primarily Positive Reinforcement
    Remember Pay Day? Even after a hard week of work, that check keeps you going back for the next check right? If you know it or not, this is Positive Reinforcement! It is scientifically proven that if a dog (and Humans) is rewarded for a wanted behavior it is more likely to repeat it again!
  2. Commitment to you!
    We believe you will be surprised with our level of commitment to you. We understand that we are not just training your dog. We are teaching you as well. Without our dedicated Pet Parents; dogs will never succeed. So we are always available to you day and night to answer your questions.
  3. The Sky is the Limit!
    We are proud of our WIDE range of training programs offered. Puppy to Advanced obedience. House and social manners. Competitive Obedience. Trick Training! Service Dog and Therapy Dog Training. Retriever Training. No matter you and your dogs needs we can help you succeed!
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